Wendy’s Dokdo Toner Review

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Wendy’s Dokdo Toner Review
Wendy’s Dokdo Toner Review

1. Basic Features

# This Dokdo Toner cosmetics is a toner of flowing water-type.

# Apparently, it is no different than water. But it is more moist than water and I don’t feel like it’s leaking water on my skin.

# It means that the moisturizing power is good.

# The scent of cosmetics is almost odorless.


2. Mildness

I can’t say this is the mildest cosmetic. But Dokdo Toner than Dokdo Lotion is more mild. There was no hot sensation or rash on my skin because of this makeup.


3. Water and Oil Balance

I am an oily type of oily skin. However, Dokdo Toner cosmetics satisfied my skin’s water and oil balance. With this one product.


4. Improve skin texture

It helps soften the skin texture. It seems to have a very slight skin exfoliation effect.

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