Classic Ducks and Yellow Dress

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Classic Ducks and Yellow Dress
Classic Ducks and Yellow Dress

ducks yellow dress

Taylor: I don’t like yellow, which is too splashing. But the color of this dress is subtle. I like this colors.

Sophia: Hey Taylor! Did not you always say you hate yellow?

Taylor: That’s right. But this color is good because it doesn’t pop.

Sophia: That’s right. And it’s a dress with duck patterns. But it’s a little short ‘ducks yellow dress’.

Taylor: It’s a short dress, but I think it would look cute in the warm season of spring.

I also think this dress will be more suitable for someone with blond hair. Because it is spring season, it probably will be superb.

Sophia: I wish there were XL sizes.

Taylor: Do not worry. The size fits Sophia’s size.

Sophia: Oh! What are you talking about. I’m M size!

Taylor: Really? LOL ..

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