Decorate me with Gold And Silver Heels.

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Decorate me with Gold And Silver Heels.
Decorate me with Gold And Silver Heels.

Sophia: Tiffany… It’s warm spring now and I don’t know why I’m losing confidence in my appearance.

Tiffany: Rather than self-confidence, isn’t it a lack of effort?

Sophia: What does that mean?

Tiffany: You always seem to pursue a casual and normal style. I think we need to make an effort for change. For example, try sometimes to make you look fancy.

Sophia: But I’ve never done that. I’m worried that people will pay too much attention to me.

Tiffany: No. That’s not true. It can affect your self-confidence as much as people pay attention to you.

This is also part of the psychology book. Have you ever seen a man without confidence in the glamor?

Think carefully.

Sophia: What should I do?

Tiffany: Let’s do something very small. Don’t be so complicated. Discard the plain shoes you are wearing now and dress up with Heels.

Sophia: Gold And Silver Heels?

Tiffany: Heels, to be exact, that made him feel Gold or Silver. The colors are Gold, Silver, and Black, and Heels are 3.15 inches high.

Like the High Heels, your confidence will increase.


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